The latest findings in brain surgery and the installation of a BCI computer chip

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 The latest findings in brain surgery and the installation of a BCI computer chip

Introduction to the chip and its connection to the computer BCI

An Italian company has provided flexible neural electrodes to aid in tumor surgery (the BCI chip), and this company is one step ahead of Neuralink, owned by the famous businessman Elon Musk. Brain surgeries are often complex as they are used to remove tumors and this requires precision An adult, and when the electrodes made of solid materials are handled and inserted into the brain and then into the soft nerve cells, this is a dangerous task, but the Italian company has developed a nerve electrode made of flexible and bio-silicon material and they have obtained a patent for it.

How about this new technology and the installation of the BCI computer link chip

The technology involves incorporating metal nanoparticles into a polymer base. The invented electrodes with the new technology are closely connected to the polymer, and these electrodes are resistant to bending and stretching, and they are the world's first implantable electrodes made of a soft material, and its advantages are that they are closer to tissues in terms of Type.

The new electrodes, called Wise Cortical Strip, have successfully passed the testing phases and are now under regulatory audit in order to obtain the European Quality Mark. The first release is expected in 2021, after which it can be produced.

Wise Neuro flexible and ultra-small implantable electrodes are also now being tested for insertion into the spinal cords of patients with chronic pain. Partially due to the need for a lengthy operation under anaesthesia, which sometimes includes bone removal.

The Italian BCI chip installation technology makes it possible to make softer electrodes, similar to very thin silicon chips, and thus can be folded and so small that they can be implanted into the spinal cord with the help of a needle. This form of implant is unknown, but the implant currently used is solid. , which is known as a percutaneous suture and does not require surgery under general anesthesia, trials for this product will begin in 2022 and may be approved in 2023 until it enters the market.

What have Wise Neuro and Neuralink done so far

Wise Neuro obviously contains the word Euro Europe, whether intended or not, the company is integrated into a European environment, where in recent years the company has been funded by 26 million euros from Italian, German and Swiss venture capitalists, among which the Investment Fund German semi-private High-Tech Gründerfonds, and the European Union has invested two million euros in WISE.

For Neuralink, the American neurotechnology company founded by Elon Musk just four years ago and which has already raised more than $150 million, its product is still being researched.

A video of this new chip that connects to the computer BCI



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