New google home update brings great service

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 New google home update brings great service

New google home update brings great service

Introduction  to Google Home

The user can use the Google Home device to control the home, including its smart home devices, when he hears the phrases “Good evening,” turn on the alarm system and turn off the lights. The smart TV can also be turned on and off, the air conditioning and temperature can be controlled and opened at a specific time. The phone can also be searched frequently. We do not leave the phone in a place and do not remember where by saying “OK Google, find my phone and Google Home starts making the phone ring, children can also be entertained and communicate with people through the phone number and other unusual features, but the problem was that when asked to turn off Something after a certain period that can be mentioned to Google Home to set the timer but only until the end of the day.

Update google home and what it can do

In the recent google home update, the way it works has been changed, as now Google Home can be used to stop and run anything for up to a week, all you have to do is put the start date of something and the end time date to stop later, so any tasks can be scheduled from the beginning of the day to the end of the day daily For a week where google Home calculates the timings based on your location.

All you have to do to make Google Home execute a command at a later time is to add a duration of time to the command, after you say Hey Google, then turn off the bedroom lights within 30 minutes and Google Home will count the time from when the command was issued and then executed as specified Exactly, if you give an order at ten o'clock it will start at half past ten.

What to do for google home update to work properly

Many Google Home users reported that orders were only executed for one day and not for a maximum of a week, reports were made on support pages.

But Google made it clear that in order for the command to work, you shouldn't just say 'Hey Google', turn on the adaptation tomorrow morning for Google Home, but you should be more specific and say 'Hey Google'.

Some things to avoid to avoid catastrophes

Be careful when using Google Home, especially with thermal devices such as thermal lights and heaters. Several fires have been reported due to these devices, and according to the latest statistics showing that a large percentage of fires occur due to thermal devices and a greater percentage of deaths because of them, so you must be completely careful.

Smart devices supported by Google

Smart devices have become accessible to everyone and can be purchased from trusted stores and linked with Google Home. These devices include the following:

smart lights


smart locks

Smart TV

Sockets and switches

smart surveillance cameras

smart microwave

Smart Entertainment 

smart sensors

the phone

smart thermostat

the radio

Google Home supports five thousand smart devices, according to the latest statistics made by Google for developers. Many companies support google home, and these companies include Samsung, Philips, Quest Kivu, TP-Link, Okter, Sonoff, Smarteefi, D-Link, Nest, Arlo, Ecobee4 and many more.



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