Samsung Galaxy Z Flip shows cracked screen

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip shows cracked screen

Galaxy Z Flip: This user's screen broke in half within the first few minutes of use

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip shows cracked screen
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip shows cracked screen From @ mondoir

We showed you this morning the video of JerryRigEverything of the Galaxy Z Flip. The tester, known for his extreme and mostly destructive methods, questions Samsung’s claims that the smartphone’s screen is covered with glass. From the first test, we realize that the surface is as fragile as the plastic of the screens of the Galaxy Fold or the Motorola Razr - with permanent marks from the second level of hardness.

However, the misadventure of a twittos, Amir (@mondoir) seems to qualify this assertion. Not that it is, you will see, a good point for the durability of this new coating. He explains: “I just received my Galaxy Z Flip just now. I opened the box. I removed the protective film with the instructions on it. Then I folded the phone, as we are tempted to do since it is a flip phone, and that's what happened, "he laments, showing in a photo the state of the fold of his screen.

He adds: "I also heard him crack. A problem of too cold temperatures? ". The cracking associated with the characteristics of the break on the bend seems to show that the material is not as flexible and ductile as a simple plastic substrate would be, but brittle as if the material were, or contained 

something like glass ( or a mineral). Of course this testimony is to be taken with caution - one would have to see if the problem gives rise to other cases to find out if there are indeed concerns about screen durability as with the first version of the Galaxy Fold.

The post was quickly spotted by Samsung who plans to investigate: "We would really like to take a look at this, Amir. Can you give us more details in DM? ". Foldable smartphone technology still remains a niche market that relies on emerging technology. We therefore hope for Samsung that 

this will remain an isolated case and that the brand will not experience the same setbacks as with its first foldable smartphone. Nevertheless, it will probably take a few more iterations for this type of device to become durable enough to justify their purchase without any reservations.