A way to keep Windows 7 uncovered

A way to keep Windows 7 uncovered

Although Microsoft stopped supporting Windows 7 on January 14, some can't give up on it. They are therefore looking for ways to extend its secure use.

A way to keep Windows 7 uncovered
A way to keep Windows 7 uncovered

Connoisseurs of Microsoft's software features have found a loophole allowing them to informally receive Windows 7 updates intended for companies, although its support ended on January 14, reports the German specialized portal DeskModder.

According to the latter, the manufacturer should be deceived in order to be able to use his operating system. To do this, the author of the article suggests first installing the BypassESU hack, then the test update KB4528069, which will check if a device under Windows 7 can receive the Extended Security Updates (ESUs) after the January 14, 2020. At the end of the installation, you must remove BypassESU and download a number of official Windows updates.

In this case, Microsoft will consider the user's operating system version as commercial and will continue to provide security updates. However, the portal points out that this is an unofficial method and that Microsoft can remove the vulnerability at any time.

End of Windows 7 support

Microsoft ended support for Windows 7 on January 14. Computers running Windows 7 will be able to function after the end of support, but the company will no longer provide automatic and free updates for the operating system in question, including security, which will lead to vulnerability to malware and piracy.

Therefore, Microsoft advised users to upgrade to Windows 10.

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